Terrific Trials

No pictures this week. 😦 So this is a picture of Indiana from an unknown source. Beautiful place.


This week for the two Elders proved to be a trial week. Though they had a rough week, at least one woman received information about revelation that should keep her thinking. Elder Ballif felt impressed to rebuke her with boldness. He and Elder Christianson both thought of the same scripture at the same time and brought her to silence after she attacked them and the church in a tirade of a few memorized words. The spirit was strong with these two elders as they read from 2 Nephi 29:3-8. Read it yourself and imagine two young men who are warriors for Christ standing up for their Lord and Savior.

Here is Elder Ballif’s latest letter. With this letter we are caught up to present time. The next installments should be in a more timely manner.

By the way, the elder’s mother still cries from time to time, then stops.

The letter …

Hey Y’all!

So I have reached my one month mark officially this week and it has definitely been a time of growth and change in my life. This month has been the hardest, best, most enlightening, craziest month of my life. This month I have learned to put myself last and put everyone else first and have learned that no matter how many doors are slammed in our faces that behind each door is a child of God and my brother/sister. I have learned humility, patience, kindness, love and learned how to keep my eye single to the glory of God. This work is true and it will fill every continent, touch every life and if we as missionaries are faithful will and has loosed our tongues and filled our hearts with gratitude to our Father in heaven and love for our brothers and sisters. This week has been one of trials but also of joy. This may have been our most unsuccessful week so far in this transfer but we have not strayed from our purpose to bring others unto Christ. This week we have been bold and have declared His word with power unto those that would fight against us. This week I have witnessed more persecution against the church than I have in my whole life. The mobs are not gone, the law is now on our side (mostly) but the hate that has been planted by the adversary is still there. Pavilions of these “mobs” are set up outside of the house of the Lord in Indiana. There must be opposition in all things and the Lord sometimes brings us low so He can lift us higher. In spite of this opposition there are those who are on our side of other faiths. We met a baptist guy while out tracting yesterday and he was one of the nicest men ive ever met. He voiced his support of us and really boosted my spirits yesterday. This work is not easy, that is another thing that I have learned this week and this month. If you come out here thinking this is going to be easy, think again. If you want to serve the Lord in comfort, be ready for a wake up call. I can promise you that the Adversary is not working against us on a La-z boy. He is working hard, so we must work harder. He is fighting us fiercely so we must fight like lions. Never give up, never lose hope for our God will never lose hope in us and will always be there fighting beside us. Thank you all for your support, God bless.

One thought on “Terrific Trials

  1. So glad your mom has set up a web sire for you Elder Ballif. You write wonderful and thoughtful letters. Your Unclr Ken and I are so happy you are serving the Lord in Indiana . Our youngest daughter’s husband served in Iowa. The mid-west is a great part of our country !! We pray you will find people to listen politely and with respect and that the members and leaders in your local Wards will be very helpful to your and your companion. There are many spiritual rewards for serving.
    You don’t know our family very well, but collectively our immediate family has served 21 missions . I just added them up !! Keep up the good work. May the Lord bless you 😊
    Aunt Sylvia


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