Two Psychos On Bikes

CHRIST~1SUNP0039 SUNP0040 SUNP0037 SUNP0043 SUNP0049Elder Ballif and Elder Christianson are in their own right and in their own words…psycho. They are a perfect companionship and work well together. They have named their car …SUNP0104 SUNP0092 unnamed

Here is his letter from July 13, 2015

Hi Mom, Dad and Aunt Annie! Email time! This week was incredible We have witnessed miracles as a companionship. Through the influence and guidance of the spirit and through the promise that as missionaries we can witness miracles we were able to pick up 3 new investigators in less than half an hour while out tracting. We are not perfect missionaries but I am so glad we were able to listen to the spirit. We had the opportunity to take a VIP tour of the Indy temple yesterday and it is the coolest temple I have ever been in. I miss you all and thank you soo much for your emails and letters and the package, great job on those btw. Love you all! Email me back soon!

-Elder Ballif

Here is his letter from his week as written by him on July 20, 2015

This week was so great, we had exchanges this week and it was awesome! I was in Frankfort which is a town even smaller than Kokomo about 45 minutes away. I was on an exchange with the District Leader Elder Triance who is awesome and a great missionary ((even though he’s a democrat) (theres always repentance)). Also we have our first Baptism coming up on August 8!!!! Her name is Amelia and she is so awesome! She has grown up Muslim but everything that we have taught her has just made sense. We agree as a companionship that she has definitely been prepared for the gospel. This week we have gotten a total of 17 other lessons besides members and less actives/recent Converts and get this…. they were all from tracting! If anyone ever tells you that tracting is a waste of time, rebuke them. All of our investigators (a total of at least 10) we have gotten while tracting. Member referrals are great and we always ask for them when we can, however there is something that is special about following the spirit and knocking doors that is just so awesome. I have a strong testimony now of the power that the spirit can have in our lives, I have felt and seen its effects on myself and those we teach. This last saturday we went with some awesome members in our ward, Dennis and Marcia Marler, to an airshow at the Kokomo airport. They invited us because they really connect well with us and so they invited some non member friends and we will be teaching them soon. So that is pretty awesome. Sunday was fantastic, we went on splits with Joseph Batis who is a 14 year old young man in the ward and is 6 FOOT FOUR!!!! And then had dinner with his family that night. They are an awesome family (and a big one) 5 kids and a dog and a cat haha kind of reminded me of our family. Hope you are are doing well! Oh and by the way if I don’t respond to your letters immediately i’m sorry its just because I am busy out here! 🙂 Love you all!


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