New Elders and Fallings Through


Elder Christianson and Elder Ballif

Elder Ballif has been stressing a little. Indianans are tough eggs to crack. They can be very set in their religions and don’t want a lot to do with new-to-their-area religions. Their main contacts have been through other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is true across the world. Members are very important and key to missionary work. This Elder needs our prayers, specifically for Amelia, who is an investigator who is Muslim and wants to be baptized, but is postponing for some reason. Missionary life isn’t easy. The struggle is real.

Here is Elder Ballif’s latest letter.

I cannot believe it is the second transfer already (though time has gone by slowly sometimes). This has been a pretty good week. We taught a lot of lessons, though we don’t have many progressing investigators.

We got a new set of elders into Kokomo on this last Tuesday. Their names are Elder Twitchell and Elder Jensen. We had to show them around the area for that first day.


Not a lot happened this week though we have been getting a lot of new investigators, which is cool…they just somehow end up falling through most of the time. Yesterday we taught 15 lessons with the Batis boys on exchanges. So overall it has been a pretty great week.

We are hopeful that Amelia is able to meet with us again soon, and that we can reschedule her baptismal date.

Love you all! Thank you for your support! I’ll try to be better writing back to letters. haha. There seems to not be enough time for it! Always busy it seems like. Your letters and emails are appreciated! They lift me up, as Josh Groban says πŸ˜›


Elder Ballif


(Note by Mama)

There seems to be much in the way of t-shirt purchases going on there. πŸ˜‰


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