College Kids, Ribs and Upcoming Transfer

September 8, 2015

Hey everybody,
Things are going great out here in Kokomo. Recently, due to the school year starting, we have been walking around and talking to people at Indiana University Kokomo. It is a pretty small campus, but has about 4,000 plus students. We have been having some great success with that. College kids are a lot more interested, it seems, than most other people we have talked to. We are teaching an awesome guy named Deejay who is really interested and is already a good friend of ours. We will also be teaching a girl named Alex and another named Katlyn.
We are having ribs tonight with Brother Williams who is a chef at the hospital here in town. He’s the only black guy in the ward here and he is awesome so we are looking forward to that.
Transfers are coming up on the 22nd so if any of you want to send mail just be aware that if you send anything within a couple days of the 22nd I might not be there (emphasis on might). I will most likely be staying in Kokomo, but we will see.
I found out recently that I am not only serving with Caci Hunter, my second cousin, who is actually in my zone, but am serving with Elder Larson (not my MTC companion) who is my third cousin through the Ballif line. Serge Ballif is his third or fourth great grandpa. It was pretty cool to find that out.
This week we had the zone volleyball tournament in Lafayette which was awesome! I also exchanged with Elder Baird who is serving in Frankfort. He is a great kid and a great missionary.
 Indiana is awesome, I love it here and know that I was called here for a reason. Thanks to all of you for your support!
Miss you all.


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