Mom Missed Messaging Missionary – Short Letter

This began the three weeks of Elder Ballif and his mother not being able to connect on email, very well, if at all. The mother started work at a school and missed the email time with the elder. This started a series of weeks when the mother was crying because she missed her missionary Mondays. The mother has since decided she will take a break at work, if necessary, to write back and forth to her missionary.

Hey Y’all,

It’s been a great week in Kokomo. We got to know the new elders that transferred in very well, and even got to experience Elder Jensen messing up his ankle in basketball. We did not have as much success this week as we would have hoped but it was great nonetheless. We taught a lady named Brooke, her brother Nick, and her two kids. They seem very interested and said “yes” to a soft baptismal invitation. We are really hopeful that we can get them to church and eventually to make the covenant of baptism. Sorry if this email seems short, not a lot happened this week. Thank you all for your support!


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