Greenyness, Anger and the Hulk

Miracle of Miracles! The missionary mom FINALLY got to email chat with her son the elder!  He is doing well and has assimilated to missionary life quite well.  In his own words, “I’ve got this, Mom.”
Elder Ballif’s words of wisdom to his mother would do well in the world today…if you feel yourself getting angry, IMMEDIATELY remove yourself from the situation and pray to Heavenly Father that the feeling will go away. We all know who “makes” us angry, and it isn’t some chemical that turns us green and sends us crashing cars in the nearest metropolis. It’s Satan.
Well, here’s his letter, in case you haven’t read it already.
Howdy errybody (sic),

My time as a greenie is almost up! Crazy stuff, I have mixed emotions about it, naw I’m kidding I’m stoked to be a regular missionary finally!!!
We have been having a great time here in Kokomo especially the last two weeks. We had several really solid lessons with some of the investigators we have picked up on the IUK campus. One of their names is Katelyn and she is ready to be baptized, I feel. She loved the restoration and already accepted a baptismal invite, the only problem is that she hasn’t responded to any of our texts the past couple days and we have not been able to meet with her, so any prayers would be appreciated. We are meeting with a few other people as well that are kinda sorta progressing. It is really hard to get return appointments and sometimes we get bogus numbers because people think that’s funny. Punks haha.
We helped this crazy lady move last saturday and and I think but she had more stuff in her apartment than I think our whole family has in our house. It took us 6 hours and there was at least 10 people helping. It was fantastic, haha.
We had Zone Meeting on Friday which was long and boring but instructive. We had some good district bonding time’ as well.
Saturday was pretty great. We did weekly planning then helped a member move his washer/dryer, then went to a ward BBQ where I got punched in the jaw (accidental…I think..) by some dorkey kid in the ward.
And, of course, Sunday was church which was a great refresher. After church we had dinner with the Rubersons and they are awesome (Mom and Dad I think you would like him because he doesn’t like the government, has a very limited filter and thinks Hillary Clinton is the scum of the earth, haha)
(Mother’s note: Who are you comparing to having a very limited filter, son. Ahem! Haha)
after dinner we went to the “Why I Believe” fireside in Indianapolis, which was awesome! I got to see Elder Richards, Newey and Elder Chapple from my MTC group, so cool to see them. Anyway that was this week in a nutshell, another really fast week! Love ya all!

-Elder Ballif

P.S. Oh by the way, I also found out this week from a legit source that Chris Hemsworth is in fact LDS and lives in Alpine. Two members in Kokomo were visiting Alpine while Hemsworth blessed the sacrament.
P.S. (from Mama Ballif) LOL! The young man cannot let go of Marvel for even a moment! Perhaps his “greenyness” is peeking out…and I don’t mean the Hulk, either. 😉

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