Cumberland: Tale of Three Missionaries

Hey Y’all,

This was a fun week! My first week in Cumberland was pretty hectic, apparently most trios are, but I loved it! My new companions are awesome! Elder Grimmet is going home in about 36 days and Elder Chapple was in my zone in the MTC and we have become really good buds. He is in the Marine Corps, which has helped quite a bit actually. We have run into several Marines in this area and are currently teaching a retired Gunnery Sgt. named Roy. He seems really open to the gospel and willing to listen to us even through he goes to his own church and I respect that about him a lot. It is good to be open-minded and willing to listen to others. I wish more people were like that. Another awesome thing that happened this week was that a bunch of the missionaries serving in the Indianapolis area got to help volunteer for the Special Olympics tournament, which was awewome! And yes, Mom, I took pictures haha.

DSC00124[1] DSC00130[1] DSC00136[2]

There are a lot of missionaries in the area so there was a lot that showed up to the event and I think we had a great positive impact on the community because of that. That’s pretty much it for this week, so I’ll sign off for now. Love you all! See ya next week!




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