Get a Grip: The Winds of Change are Coming


Hey Everyone!

The Land of Cumber is going great! We are teaching a good amount of people. The only problem is they don’t like to follow through with even the smallest commitments, which is frustrating, but, oh well.


(At least I have great shades. Haha Mom inserted this.)

This week was General Conference, which was weird as a missionary because it is the only time, pretty much, that you just sit around for 6 hours during the day time. It was awesome though. I learned a lot from our prophets and apostles.

One of the things I have learned is that we need to grow our testimonies in the simple things.

In Elder Bednar’s talk, he highlighted the strong testimonies in certain aspects that some of those apostles and prophets who had passed were known for.

I don’t know if you all noticed or not but they all pretty much covered all of the lessons and principles we missionaries teach to investigators. There is a reason for that, and that reason is because we as members sometimes delve into deeper doctrine without have a strong foundation. Without that strong foundation we are like a tree blowing in the wind without a grip on the earth below. Without that firm grip, no matter how tall we may grow, or how many leaves we may have on our branches, the winds of affliction can sweep us away at any given moment. I promise that as we focus on these simple principles or in other words, get a grip, we can sink ourselves deep into the ground and become strong and able to stand against the winds that will come.

Thanks again to you all for being so awesome!




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