Columbus And The Elder’s First Baptism/Confirmation


Hey everybody life is going great here in Columbus!

I cannot believe it has already been nearly three transfers! It looks like Elder Heimuli and I will be staying here, and we are very happy about that. It is kind of weird because he has already been here for nearly five months and it will be six months by the time we leave which usually only happens once on the mission. And then there’s me…haha… some greenie, who has had three different areas and four different companions… lol. But I have loved every minute of it!

This week we did a lot of work and had some interesting things happen. We had a mission conference call on Tuesday and there were some new rules that were announced, one of which was that we now have to do a total of eight hours of service each week. So this week we did that, and it was an awesome experience. It turns out all those random jobs that I did with Dad and Mike really did help me out! Haha… We are helping a lady fix her garage door because she doesn’t have the money to pay a professional like Scott Ballif :P. It looks pretty easy, she just needs the spring replaced so she can at least get the door up and down for the winter.

(Spring replaced, by the way, is one of the most dangerous aspects of garage door work, according to Scott Ballif. Our family said a special prayer on this one,in hopes he didn’t wind the spring too tight and BAM!  😉 )

DSC00239 DSC00251

We also helped with a remodel of their “new” (old dumpy) house and yes, Mike it was worse than those stupid trailer houses up in Veyo. We just started the general demolition, which I found very enjoyable haha. I do love destroying things especially when there are no consequences for it.


On Saturday we had Michelle’s baptism!! It was awesome. Elder Heimuli baptized her and I confirmed her in church the next day and it was an amazing experience especially considering how far she has come to get to this point.


Overall it was a great week and a great transfer!

Elder Ballif


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