Football, Halloween and the Harvest


Picture sent to Mama Ballif via text message from David Clark, principal of Columbus North High School. Elders Ballif and Heimuli gave the “devotional” to their football team this week. They blessed the lives of those in attendance.

Hey everybody it has been a busy week here in Columbus!

On Monday we had our regular P day and went to a sandwich place called the Big Cheese, which was great! The owners are members, so the missionaries in their ward get stuff for free and all other missionaries get 1/2 off, which is cool. Its only once a week though, so that’s kinda the downside.
(Sidenote: The Nicky loves his cheese. Mom)
On Tuesday we were wayy busy. We had appointments nearly all day and barely had any time to tract or contact referrals during finding hours, which is good but tiring at the same time.
Wednesday, a bunch of missionaries along with us, got up early to play some basketball with some older guys and that was a lot of fun (even though we got beat pretty bad haha) …and that day was pretty busy, too, but we did have time to find a new area to tract. That we felt good about.
I think it was either Wednesday or Thursday that we got a referral from the Spanish speaking Elders for a family that was interested. And lo, and behold, we put them on a baptismal date for December 5th in the 2nd lesson, which was awesome!
They have already had opposition, but they are excited for that day that’s coming up. On Thursday we also had district meeting, which is always fun, and our beloved District Leader Elder Naiier, who is from Ukraine, had his last district meeting in Columbus. We will all miss him dearly.
On Friday the Columbus area had a giant Halloween party at Julius Shoaf’s house. The Shoafs are a HUUUGE family in Indiana and Julius has 16 siblings, so they cover a lot of ground, and no, his mom did not give birth to all of them, just 12 of them… but still that’s a lot of kids! Anyway before the party happened a few of us missionaries helped Julius set it up at his farm. There were some chores to do like moving the chickens to a bigger cage, feeding the cows and roasting a pig that was just slaughtered. It was a ton of fun and so was the party, I guess, hahah.
Halloween is interesting for missionaries.
One of the rules is that we cant be out past 6 p.m. and we can’t knock on doors past 4 p.m. for obvious reasons, but we had a lot of fun passing out candy at a member’s house while we were at dinner (no we didn’t pass out copies of the Book of Mormon).
Overall it was a busy and awesome week! Thanks to you all for your support!
Elder Ballif
P.S. Sorry if you wrote letters and I haven’t responded yet. We are really busy bringing in the harvest for the Lord down here… haha. 🙂


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