Days of Finding, News of Cancer


This week really flew by fast! It started out pretty normal and then after transfers it just got super busy.

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday morning to get rid of an ingrown toenail which was nasty and ridiculous, but it was okay. The only downside was that I couldn’t really walk on it that day, which made missionary work nearly impossible but we still managed to get some lessons in.

After that first day we got back on our feet literally… haha. We had three straight days of finding, which means nearly six hours of tracting on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We did finding on Friday because President Cleveland had inspiration to have a mission fast in order to find families to teach and apparently it worked! We now have three families with four or more people whom we are teaching this past week or so. Awesome stuff!…and a testimony that the servants of the Lord receive inspiration at any time.

This Sunday was great because not only did we get to go to church and get a break from working constantly, but we also had one of the families come to church and they plan on coming next week, too.

There are definitely great things happening here in Columbus and many more miracles are sure to come.

Thank you all for all your support!! I am doing my best to respond to letters I promise!! Sometimes I get sleepy on P-days and just sleep instead of writing letters… whoops! Anyway we are doing great out here!

P.S Sorry for the absence of pictures my camera cord got stolen from the library out here… haha. Who does that to a servant of the Lord??? Crazy
Mama’s Note: I happened to get a shot of Elder Ballif from his companion’s camera! Such a good boy to send it to me. Being a missionary mom has its perks!
Elder Ballif’s ankle was hurting him all week, but he is in good spirits. He found out this week his Grandpa Carl has cancer. He sent him an email to cheer him up. More details in the next installment.

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