First Thanksgiving Away: Grateful

Letter from November 23, 2015

Hey everybody,

Last week I hit my five month mark on my mission, and in less than a month a quarter of my mission will be over. Pretty crazy to think about haha.
This week was kind of rough. Elder Heimuli and I were sick for about three days this week and are still getting over it. Its just a cold, but as a missionary the smallest thing can sometimes mess things up. We still got out and did some good work though; found a couple of new people and are teaching a lot of less actives and trying to get them back to church. In fact we realized that since we are teaching so many people that we needed to get better organized so none of them fall through the cracks.
This week was also eventful because we had zone conference with President Cleveland and the APs. It inspired us to be better missionaries and it showed us how we could do that.
This week is Thanksgiving and because of that our schedule is a bit different since we aren’t aloud to teach on Thanksgiving, except to members. So, after we play some turkey bowl football in the morning, we are going to be with the Shoaf family most of the day and will eat some freshly Killed turkey and Pig (BACON!!!!!!) So that should be a lot of fun.
The work is moving forward for sure! The families we are teaching are doing well, they are just busy a lot especially since it is the holiday season, but that’s alright.
DSC00269 Thank you all for the support!!

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