Continuing the Work

Letter from December 1, 2015

Hey everybody!
Some of you are probably wondering why I’m emailing on Tuesday. Well, yesterday we had a mission tour with Elder Nash of the Seventy and it was a great experience and very enlightening on how we as missionaries can change and become more successful. It was honestly a chance for all of us to look at ourselves, the way we teach, and how we act and decide to change something that can help us be better missionaries
The rest of the week was pretty normal you could say. We are still teaching one of our families but the other family has not been able to meet with us at all lately but hopefully that will change before it gets too close to Christmas. This last week, of course, was thanksgiving! We Columbus Missionaries had a lot of fun and went to an awesome member’s house to eat dinner and all that good stuff. In our mission, the rule for major holidays is that we can’t go out and teach mainly because a lot of people are out of town and those who are at home don’t want to talk to us crazy missionaries. Haha. So, instead we visit members and less actives that invite us over for food. That is how it will work for Christmas too. Other than that, we picked up a couple new investigators, not sure how solid they are yet but we will see. Hope you all had a great week!!!


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