Six Months Of Helping Others Through The Words of Christ (Heimuli Transfers)

Letter from December 14, 2015




Hey everybody!

Wow I cannot believe six months went by so fast! Crazy stuff! A few other Elders and us in this area are also celebrating our six month marks and will be burning some ties and doing some celebrating. Haha. Should be an awesome P-Day.
In other news: Transfers are tomorrow and I am STAYING. Elder Heimuli is leaving and training a new missionary, which is pretty cool. I will get my new companion at transfers and will send pictures!
This week went by really fast at first, and then really slowly.

The first three days we were able to get out and get a lot of work done even though I still had a cough. And then I pretty much died. Haha (not really, don’t flip mom) on about Thursday afternoon I think, I just lost almost all energy. It was crazy. So we came home and slept for a bit and when I woke up I was just coughing like a maniac, so we pretty much talked to people on the phone and taught a couple “phone lessons.” Yes, that is a thing. Usually we do them in the winter anyway if it’s too cold outside to go anywhere. The mission grounds us if it gets to a certain temperature, so I guess we may as well get used to it. So anyway, I was pretty much down for the count until about Saturday, which was the day we got transfer calls. We taught some more lessons Sunday and were able to get more than 20 lessons, which was a miracle mostly thanks to Elder Heimuli. I will miss that kid, he is a crazy Tongan! I love him to death and hopefully will serve around him again.

In 6 months I have learned so much about the gospel and about how it can help others. I could say more about it, but that is the main thing, helping others through the words of Christ. Love you all!!

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