Working On Activating Less-Active Members


Laundry room moment.


Haloo everybody,

This was a pretty long week for some reason. I dont know if it was the fact that we had P Day on Tuesday or what but in any case it was a great week!
We worked a lot with less active members again this week and have really been searching for those who can help the church grow and help the message of this gospel spread far and wide. One of those “Kingdom builders” as they are called is an awesome guy named Jerry. Jerry is a prime example of someone who gives of himself freely and puts family first. He has been less active for a few years but he has not lost his testimony one bit. In fact, it is stronger in him than in many active members I have met, or at least with him it’s more noticeable. He doesn’t want to come back to church yet because he doesn’t feel like he has changed enough to be comfortable there again. I explained to him that the church is not for perfect people, it is for those who want to change. And I think he knows that, but he just doesn’t want to admit it. He is part of a giant family in Columbus and all of them are less active, but they all respect Jerry because he is the oldest. He is not a guy people mess with. Haha. So if we can get Jerry back to church I think the rest will follow.
Other than that, we have been praying and trying to find people to teach. Our two families are wavering and don’t want to talk to us, it seems.
Any prayers would be appreciated.
We are going to try to personal contact at the Indiana University campus here in Columbus so hopefully that goes well until transfers.
I am pretty sure Elder Heimuli is leaving, I may stay or go I’m really not sure what will happen. In any case I will be fine either way. Haha. This area is kind of neutral, I don’t hate it but I’ll be fine leaving. The ward here is awesome though, great people can be found anywhere as always.
Just recently on Saturday we had dinner with the Hagerdons, an awesome family and another example that great people/members can be found everywhere. We were going to have Spam Musubi which is a polynesian food that Elder Heimuli loves, he loves it so much that he decided to cook it for us all at that dinner with the Hagerdons. It was awesome!! It may be my new favorite food actually haha. Anyway it was a great week and thanks to all of you that send me emails, I really appreciate it!!!
Love you all!!!

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