Livin’ The Dream

Written January 11, 2016

Hey everyone I hope things are going well at home!

Out here we just had our first snowfall and got about 3 maybe 4 inches. So not much at all but it is freezing now!! This week we are supposed to get more snow too, but we will see. Yesterday the roads were bad enough that our car got partially grounded, which means we can only drive to set appointments. Which stunk because we had a lot of tracting planned. Oh well, life goes on.
Other than that this week was pretty normal. We knocked doors, had a few lessons picked up a few investigators. No one really outstanding as far as potential to progress goes but you never know.
We met with the Cox family a lot this week just trying to build that relationship with them and let them know that we aren’t just out to get them back to church to boost numbers. We are here to help.
I went on an exchange with Elder Rasmussen on Saturday and it was actually really good. It gave us both a chance to relax and just change things up for a day.
On Sunday a guy named Keith who is a less active came to church and he is slowly becoming more active which is awesome to see. Hopefully we can encourage him and keep that going.
Today is probably going to be spent mostly inside due to the near freezing temperatures. Good thing its P day haha. Anyway life is good, I’m livin the dream out here. We are about to move apartments this Saturday so if anyone wants to send mail its probably best to wait a week or so when I can send out my new address.
Love you all!!

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