Members Are Pivotal To Our Work

Written February 2, 2016

Hey everyone!

 I am now in Greenwood, Indiana with Elder Medlyn and it has been an interesting first week over here, let me tell ya.

We got to the Greenwood area and found out quickly that it is pretty hard to adjust to an area with a double transfer, especially when you are in an area like Greenwood that typically doesn’t do well with finding new people to teach. It is mostly member work and member referrals here, kinda feels like I imagine serving in Utah to be. Luckily we are in a good ward and are getting to know a lot of members already. The day we got to Greenwood we had a Missionary Correlation meeting, which was awesome because there were other members there who were willing to go on splits and teach less active and investigators. It appears to be a very involved ward which is awesome, we need more of that.
The rest of the week we spent mostly finding new investigators and contacting former investigators. Its been tough work. I have been tired all week no matter how much sleep or power naps I get, but I suppose that’s part of the job. haha.  We are doing well and I think we are getting to know the area now at least as much as we can.
Thanks for the support and prayers!

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