New Year’s Goals

Written January 4, 2016

Sup Yo!

This week was another weird week for missionary work. We had another half P day this week and on New Year’s Eve we turned in to the apartment early, about 5 p.m. as instructed by our Mission President and after that we celebrated New Year’s Eve with the other missionaries by going to Buffalo Wild Wings! That was a blast haha on New Year’s Day we played football and basketball for half the day and were with members for the other half of the day. The rest of the week was a normal teaching week and surprisingly despite the holidays we had off, we still managed to do well on lessons and we met some really cool people we will be teaching this week.
There was a young couple named James and Brandy that we met a couple days ago and when we knocked on their door they were stand offish at first but then they mentioned that they had been looking for a church to go to. So me being my sometimes impulsive self simply said, “Well, you can come to ours if you want.” Right after that I laughed but in my head I thought, oh I blew it, but it actually turned out great! We talked to them about what we believe about Christ and His gospel and simply how it can make us happy and then they mentioned that they want to get married soon and we told them we can help them with that too haha.
The rest of the week was filled with tracting, getting back in contact with former investigators and things like that.
Now it is a new year and even though I do still have a ways to go I can now say that I will be home next year. Crazy to think about. One of my goals I wrote down for this next year is to be All In. And to leave nothing undone, no stone unturned that sort of thing. Make those new years goals! They are important.
Thank you all for the support!!!

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