Small Actions and Small Miracles

Written January 19, 2016


Hey everyone, hope you all had a great week!

Our’s was pretty good. We worked pretty hard this week, which is why it is frustrating that we can’t seem to get any progressing investigators. We usually get a bunch of new investigators, but for whatever reason those stinkin’ Hoosiers won’t answer the door the next time we come around to see them. So, that has been aggravating. On the bright side we had some great lessons with members about missionary work specifically. One of the families, the Garcias, are not only bearing their testimony when they get the chance but are going out of their way to create opportunities that they can have that chance to share the gospel. They have dedicated their lives to missionary service and it is awesome to see. They are both BYU-I alumni, and it is easy to see that they do not check their religion at the door.
It has been very cold out here which makes it difficult to tract for very long, but we’ve been diligent and have seen small but important miracles that keep us going, just the attitude of knocking on one more door is great to have in these harsh winter months.
I hope you all have a great week and remember that even small actions that show our commitment to the gospel can go a long way to touching the lives of others.

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