Land O Goshen!

Written March 14, 2016

Shades Elder Ballif

Check out the Elder’s new St. Patrick’s day shades.

Hey everyone!

It’s been a great week here in Goshen! We have stayed really busy this week! We had a three hour drive up here from transfers in Fishers and then had dinner with the Stake Patriarch and his wife, Brother and Sister Lemmon. They are awesome member missionaries and really help the work go forward in their own way.
On Wednesday we went to work and worked hard. We biked over 10 miles that day and taught some people and I used my Spanish skills (rough around the edges as they may be) to teach a Mexican guy near downtown Goshen. So that was pretty cool. We also met another Hispanic guy named Dezi who spoke really good English (thankfully) and we are planning to go back and visit him this week. We also met some of the people that Elder Murphy and his old companion were teaching and are trying to get one of them baptized! We will see how that goes though.
On Thursday we had zone meeting and set some great goals to help increase the motivation to further the work out here. We saw this week that that really did help us out a lot.
On Friday I felt like instead of normal tracting we should go talk to people walking around downtown. So we did and we taught a good amount of people personal contacting! We taught a couple lessons to people standing outside of a bar and one of the guys was pretty interested! The other guy was high as a kite and was asking for spare change so I explained to him that missionaries are broke and that we would if we could and left it at that. Haha. Friday night we had dinner with the McPhersons and they are both from St. George!!! And I’m not sure yet but Brother McPherson thinks that my dad probably gave him his first job working at the pro shop at a golf course! (They went to Snow Canyon High but we won’t hold that against them. Haha)
They are an awesome family and easy to get along with, super crazy though. Haha.
On Saturday we went to the temple with Larry Bean, a recent convert who took out his endowments that day. It was a very exciting day and I had the opportunity to get two ancestors’ work completely done that I’ve been working on for family history. And I gave an additional 15 names to the baptistry for the youth to do. Great experience for Larry and everyone involved.
Sunday we had church at 1:00 p.m. but had meetings at 11:30 a.m. so we were there all afternoon. We had choir practice then had a lesson with an awesome less active family. They are an older couple and are both American Indian. The husband is not a member but the wife is, so we will see what we can help with on that. 🙂
Like I said a great week!!
Love you all! Keep sharing the gospel with others whenever you can!
Elder Ballif

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