The Spirit of God Like a Fire…

Hey everyone!

We had a great week here in Goshen!
Monday of course, was an awesome P day as always. Haha! We had dinner with the Reeds, a crazy family in the ward – but it was fun.
Tuesday we had an exchange with the APs, I went with Elder Mortensen to tract and visit some investigators who haven’t talked to us. For the first, I think seven doors we got rejected hard core, but we kept going and I felt we should stop by William’s, who is an investigator who used to be on a baptismal date but hasn,t been keeping commitments so we were going to stop teaching him. But when Elder Mortensen and I stopped by he was just about to leave on his motor scooter, but we were able to talk with him and get him back on a baptismal date for April 23rd! Hopefully that will pan out! It was a great exchange for us both though we had a blast.
Wednesday we did some family history at the library and then walked like eight miles trying to find people to teach. We met with a potential investigator named Jay, he was pretty busy working on his truck when we stopped by so we didn’t get to talk much but he seems like a good guy. Later that day we stopped by some of the less actives and potentials left on our list, with very little success but that’s okay because on Thursday we had a fantastic day!
Thursday we had district meeting until about 1 p.m. and it was emphasized that we need to really focus on “inviting” and so after the meeting we stopped by a former investigator in the apartments across from the church she wasn’t home so we decided to tract the complex, and for whatever reason the Lord decided that doors needed to be opened that day! Haha! At the end of two hours of tracting we taught 16 lessons, got nine new investigators and challenged three people to baptism with two accepting and one on a baptismal date for April 23.
That whole day was a giant miracle.
We ate dinner with Bishop Toney and Sister Bishop (she said I can call her that, haha). And we had a great conversation about what we can do to help him and really strengthened our relationship with him which is awesome!!
Friday we hit a brick wall. We dont need to go into that.  😉  Haha!
Saturday we had our Easter brunch as part of the ward activity that day. It was awesome because one of the investigators we got on Thursday came to that after we invited her! So we gave her a church tour and she really liked it. Her name is Stephanie and she is now on date for April 23rd as well. Yeah that’s gonna be a busy day.
Sunday we went to church and Stephanie was there but William didn’t show up (major bummer) but it’s all good! We were happy Stephanie could come!
So, in all a great week here in Goshen!!
Having fun and doing work!
Love you all!
Elder Ballif
P.S. Several members have sent this missionary mom pictures to her cell phone. I will include some here, since there were no pictures this week.

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