Transfer North!

Written March 7, 2016

Hey everybody!

So we got transfer calls on Saturday and I am going to Elkhart, Indiana where I will get to know the area and then train there in April. It is wayyy north of Greenwood, like five hours north. It’s a small town, so I should feel pretty at home.
Our last week here in Greenwood has been a lot of final teaching of people we’ve met, a lot of cleaning, packing and other stuff like that. It’s been a good transfer though. We got to meet some great people like Antonio who the other elders will now be teaching, David Percifield, a lot of Less Actives and some awesome members. But one thing is for sure I am excited for this new area: I think it will be awesome to serve up north. I’m definitely going to miss being down in this area but I’ve been here and in Clumbus for five plus months so I think its time to leave. Haha.
We have a super busy day ahead of us but I hope you are all doing well and loving life!
Here’s a picture of Peyton Manning’s Mansion here in Greenwood we drove by and took a picture haha!

Peyton Manning’s mansion


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