Goshen, Food and Families…Oh My!

Written April 11, 2016

Wow, the time here has flown by!!

On Monday we had a multi zone P day in Mishawaka and I saw a couple of missionaries I served with in the past, Elder Heimuli and Elder Blakely. President Cleveland did a March Madness Clinic for us; he taught fundamentals of basketball and a bunch of other stuff. It was really cool.
Tuesday we had interviews with President Cleveland and he told me again that I would probably be training but we will see, he’s notorious for changing his mind. Haha. Tuesday after interviews we taught Stephanie at the church. She is progressing. We just have to be simple teachers with her.
Wednesday we walked eight miles… That was entertaining and painful, but we taught a couple of people. So, at least it wasn’t for nothing.
Thursday we had zone meeting!!! It was super good. We focused on the Atonement and the New Testament which is our mission-wide focus this transfer. We work with people who know the bible, so we should probably know it too! Haha. That night we had dinner with Bishop Toney and Sister Bishop, they are so cool I love ’em to death.
Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Ellison who was in my MTC zone! So that was a blast, we taught a ton of people and got a couple solid people for him to teach.
Saturday we ended our exchange at Rise N’ Roll an Amish bakery on steroids. It is so good, I’m probably gonna come back here just for that alone. Anyway, after that, we went and tracted – not much success but that’s okay because we had a dinner with the Butlers! They’re pretty awesome, plus they gave us home made bread.
Sunday we had church then taught Stephanie after church and she came to all three hours that day!!!
Super awesome week in the state – all ready to harvest!!!
P.S Here’s some awesome Indiana pictures

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