Too busy to get the “letter” written…Mom improvises

Written April 18, 2016

Wow, these 10 months have really flown by. I can’t believe it’s almost time for another skype call soon! We’ve had the chance to do a lot of family home evenings with different members in the ward, last week we did it with the Lufkin family. They are an awesome family that is just starting out and is kind of still working out the kinks it seems like, but they are energetic and eager to share the gospel with others.

By the way I just found out from another elder I’m serving with right now that he was in the same MTC district as Makayla Campbell. Crazy when I found out, just wanted to let ya know.

Note from the missionary’s mom: I sent an email to the Lad telling him about how our family is working on being better friends, especially to our own family. I asked him to give his opinion. This is what he wrote.

“As far as being better listeners step one is to stop talking! Step 2 is to hear what the other person has to say and while you are doing that focus on what you feel they are trying to tell you, read between the lines. And the last step is to ask questions and make sure you are clear on what they are trying to tell you.”

I miss this boy so much. Our family is working hard to try to keep up with at least some of the spirit he is sharing. We appreciate your prayers and kind words as we (especially me) go through our missing of Nick. Tears fall frequently as I try to understand all that I am to learn through this experience. The joy of missionary work lingers long after it is over, but manifests itself to myriad people involved.

Nick sent us a package this week. In it was a mother’s day book for me all about the making of the Indianapolis Temple (Come on by for a looksie), a tie for Alex, a golf ball for Scott, a few other things and a treat for Zack and Weston from the Amish Bakery he talked of last week. He was so excited to make sure we got it.

I love that boy.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I sure wish they made Toughskins in slacks for missionaries. Just sayin’  😉 $$





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