Baptism and a Funnel Cloud

Written May 2, 2016

Hey everyone!

So, I am still in a trio with Elders Remington and Blakely. My new companion Elder Richards will be arriving to Indiana hopefully in the next couple days. But until then, we are working in both Brownsburg and Avon, which has been entertaining and stressful so far since they are both really busy areas.
But life is good!!!
Sorry if this seems short, not a whole lot to report this week except for…. We had a baptism! Well honestly it was Elder Remington and his last companion that got it but it was cool to be there for it. His name is Paco and he is 19 years old, and a super cool kid.
In other news (dont get a heart attack mom),  we were outside on our balcony grilling some food last night and a thunderstorm came in. I didn’t think much of it and wasn’t paying attention but then I heard the tornado sirens go off and that definitely got my attention. There was a decent size funnel cloud that we saw pretty close, but it dissipated before it got near us. There was a tornado that touched down in Plainfield, which is like 10 miles away but nothing to worry about. Super cool to see though! Scary! But cool!

Anyway hope you all had a great week! Keep faithful and may the force be with you!

P.S. Oh, Happy Birthday, Mom!


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