Mother’s Day With My Missionary

20160508_185116May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day took on a new slant this year. This is my first mother’s day in Nick’s life, without Nick at home.

Before you get all “awe” on me, I will tell you that the anticipation of the Skype session held at 5 p.m. kept me going all day. All I could think about was “what time is it?”

I am writing this from memory on June 8, 2016, so there may be some lost memories, but suffice it to say – I miss my son. Having a missionary out is not easy. It is one of the hardest things I have had to do. Every day I wonder where he might be right now; and not able to call him, I worry. I admit it. There.

Somebody told me once that he never worried about his missionary because he knew he was taken care of, no matter what. Well, he was a “he” and I am a “mom,” so get over that right now. I know he’s okay, but a mom ponders a lot. Moms understand.

Our conversation started out with the usual “How are ya.” “You’re just as crazy as when I left.” And “What’s going on there?”

We talked about Grandpa Maury’s heart attack, which happened at the first of May. We talked about school, summer, Star Wars, upcoming Captain ‘Murica, the Dammeron Valley Ward, people getting married, people coming back from missions and stuff that escapes my memory now.

Nick gave us counsel and talked privately with all of us: Dad, Mom, Zack, Alex and Weston.

Nick has a lot of insight. He has grown up quite a bit (You noticed I said “quite a bit” not “all they way”). Heaven forbid he grows up all the way! He is such a rock and an amazingly great and contemplative missionary. His companions love him. He sure knows how to have fun.

Our family has gone through some major changes this year without him here. He was the one to get the football games going, though we haven’t had any major injuries in the yard this year, come to think of it. Haha.

Nick is our glue. We kind of fell apart for a while. We are still incomplete without him. He is the fun guy. We don’t laugh as much at home. We need to do better about that.

Our Skype ended way too soon, though we were on for almost two hours!

My prayer is that we will be able to unite with Nick in one year’s time and all is well. Oh…this world! How this world is changing and spiraling downward. It is all about the moments with our spouses and children that will keep us faithful in the end. It is all about families, and the family of God. We need to cherish this every day.

I want to end with my testimony.

I know Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live. Their manifestations through the Holy Ghost are very real and tangible to me. I feel them in my heart and soul. I love them. I know they visited Joseph Smith and spoke to him and led him to form the church I belong to – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know we are led by a prophet through Jesus Christ. I know Jesus will return to earth to rule at the last days. I am looking forward to that day and will be faithful to that point when I can meet with Him and account for my stewardship on this earth. I am a child of God and will see my heavenly parents again. And I say these things in the name of my savior Jesus Christ, Amen.


Mama Ballif


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