Not So Private Letters To Mom

Newest picture of Elder Ballif in his new ‘Murica tie.
Letters to Mom (Edited Version)
May 16, 2016
I got a new pair of pants and some good service shoes. I will wait on the boots for a bit. Don’t want to spend any unneeded money too quickly. There was a poor guy who needed some gas in his car who I helped out today. I used my bank card. Just so you’re aware. It has been a crazy week or so, I’ve been pretty stressed out. Elder Richards is back though! He flew in on Friday and we have been doing our best to get some work done and I’ve realized that he really does need to be retrained. He remembers a bit but it’s getting him to remember all of it that’s the task. Life is good though and I am happy he is here. I did get your letter and I will write you one today. Love you guys!
May 23, 2016

Hey Mom its great to hear about all of that stuff you guys are doing! Crazy that you were in Nauvoo! Illinois is okay I guess, but not quite as good as Indiana. You could probably just get that pie recipe online but I will ask around and see if there is an old family recipe or something.

Life is good here, the Avon ward we just found out will be splitting into Avon 1st Ward and Avon 2nd Ward, which means until another set of missionaries gets to Avon, Elder Richards and I will be covering both wards. So that should be interesting.
This week we did a lot of good work. We got in contact with an investigator we have been trying our best to meet with, his name is Dustin. He’s super cool and loves to meet with us but is really busy at work, which makes it difficult, but all is well.
We met a lot of members (active and less active) this week and were able to fellowship them. This is really an awesome ward and an involved missionary ward as well.
I heard you got the picture the Jamesons sent to you when we had dinner with them last night. They are a really cool family. By the way, the bishop in our ward used to live in Winchester Hills and is good friends with the Grays I just found out last week, his name is Richard Anderson. Not sure if the name rings a bell but I thought it was pretty cool. He was in our stake when the President Canon (Rhodes) was stake president.
Anyway, we had an awesome week and look forward to this week and all the craziness that will come with it.
May 31, 2016 (Tuesday chat)
E.B.: Sorry! I forgot to tell you that since it was Memorial Day the libraries are closed so we couldn’t email. We are emailing today though so I’m on now.
Mom: We miss you, btw. You have been out there one year!
E.B.: I miss all of you too! Yup I will hit my year mark in about 2 weeks.
Mom: I am getting a package together to mail. Do you need anything from home? How about Elder Richards?
E.B.: I can always use more socks. And since its ‘Murica season anything related to ‘Murica would always be appreciated, especially a tie if you can find one. I don’t know if you remember, but I love sunglasses too. So if you find a cool pair of aviators or something that’s not too pricey that would be great, too. Other than that I’m not in need of anything really. Thanks though! If you want to send Richards a red white and blue tie too I’m sure he would appreciate that.

Mom: LOL! You make laugh! I trust you are well?

E.B.:Yeah I’m doing well, just stressed out. Since Avon ward split and picked up another town as part of the first ward. We found out were gonna have to cover both wards and our ward mission leader is (one tough cookie). 🙂 So, it hasn’t been a picnic, but the ward for the most part is awesome, probably the best ward I’ve been in so far besides Goshen. Also if you haven’t sent (the package) already, socks and garments are always needed. Socks tend to disappear in missionary apartments. Haha.

Note to self: Evidently the boy needs socks! Haha.


Undisclosed Date

Hey mom!

We had an awesome week! We had stake conference this week and one of our investigators came!! So that was super cool. We are working with four progressing investigators and they are all awesome people and keep us on our toes for sure but we are loving it and keeping busy. Transfer calls came and me and Elder Richards will be staying together in Avon, I still need to get you a picture of us together. We are tearing it up though! We are tired every time we get back to the apartment which is a good feeling.
In other news I’ve decided to start dieting because out here it’s pretty much a necessity to be fit so im gonna watch the food I eat for sure, gonna eat a lot of eggs, but more of working out in the mornings will help with that. So wish me luck!! Hopefully I can keep going past this week haha.
Anyway love you guys! Again sorry for the lack of pictures, I’ll get on that. 🙂
Mom: Well done, son. (Elder Richards and Elder Ballif)
June 13, 2016
Dear Mom, We had a very stressful week, I guess you could say. Transfers were on Tuesday and two new elders came in to the Avon 1st ward so we’ve been busy finding them an apartment and driving them places as well as getting to know our ward since the ward split as well as taking care of the Brownsburg elders because their apartment has bedbugs! So it has been one heck of a week! Its been good though. We still managed to teach a lot of people between all of that so that’s good. I got your package by the way! I loved it! Thanks so much for it!! Sorry this email is short, but we have to get going soon. I’ll be on for about 30 more minutes. Love you all! Thank you for all of the support!
I’ll be home in a year. Just a random thought.
Elder Ballif

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