At a Crossroads

[Mother’s Note: Weston, Alex and I went to President and Sister Cleveland’s homecoming in Provo. Elder Cleveland spoke highly of Elder Ballif and said he was lucky to be in the Crossroads area.]


Weston and Alex stand outside the chapel with Elder Cleveland talking with well wishers after his homecoming talk in Provo, Utah.

July 25, 2016

That is awesome!!! I’m so happy you got to go to his homecoming that is super cool. Crossroads (inner city Indianapolis) is awesome! We are doing a ton of work here and have someone named Jerry on a Baptismal date! He’s been humbled cuz he done got himself shot. The ward here is different but is super loving and is already one of my favorite areas.
Elder Wright from Logan, Utah is my new companion.

One of those pictures is me and Elder Richards (previous companion in Avon) after we got home and we were walking through the pouring rain. It was awesome.



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