Elder Ballif Speaks to Dammeron Valley Ward: Let’s Go Fishing!

July 18, 2016

[Mother’s Note: Brother Baldwin of the Dammeron Valley Ward bishopric asked me to give a talk about Elder Ballif.]

Well I think brother Baldwin might be off his rocker if he wants you to give a talk about me haha. But I suppose there are a couple of stories that I could share from a couple converts I had the opportunity to teach.

Probably the most inspiring convert I’ve had the opportunity to teach was Michelle in Columbus Indiana. Michelle’s story started before I got to the area. Elders Heimuli and Freeman tracted into Michelle and after talking to her and her mom they got the vibe that she wasn’t interested at all in the message we share. It was her mom who was more interested it seemed but they kept going back to teach them from what I understand. And eventually she got a very strong testimony that what we were teaching was true without a doubt. Then life took a nose dive for her. Without going into details on it, she had some major struggles with her family. But despite all she went through she persevered and kept letting us teach her. The week before she was baptized she encountered fierce opposition, I think personally because of the strength the adversary knew she could bring to the church. At one point she was cornered and asked the day of her baptism if she really wanted to be a Mormon and be part of that silly”cult”. She then sarcastically responded saying, “No, I’ve been studying and working, and persevering all this time for nothing.” The day of her baptism was one of the happiest days of my mission, to see someone so dedicated do what she did was truly inspiring. She still had some major struggles after her baptism but is now fully involved and anxiously engaged in this work and has been sharing the gospel with her family and with the missionaries in the area.

That was just one of many experiences out here that I have had and I wish I could remember more right now but the converts and members in Indiana that I have had the opportunity to learn from have been the happiest, most engaged members of the Church I have ever met. My only encouragement I would like to give to y’all back home is to do as the scriptures direct, to shine as a beacon on the hill, let people know we are different. I know thats hard due to the minority of non members in Utah, but there is plenty to do I assure you. Besides we all need to be converted, member or non member. So come on now stop sitting on your bunyuns and lets all go fishing. Many are now saying that we as a missionary effort are now scraping the field dry. We must work with an urgency to do all we can for those that are left, there are still many. Love you all! Thank you for your support and prayers, they are felt and needed.
Elder Ballif

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