In Need of Stressbusters

Written June 14, 2016
Mother’s Note: I sent Elder Ballif a video of Rex, the new black lab puppy Dad brought home last fall. The dog is eating a football in the video. It’s entitled “Football: Rex’s Love/Hate Relationship.”

Elder Ballif: Oh my that’s great! haha

We had a very stressful week I guess you could say. Transfers were on Tuesday and two new elders came in to the Avon 1st ward so we’ve been busy finding them an apartment and driving them places as well as getting to know our ward since the ward split as well as taking care of the Brownsburg elders because their apartment has bedbugs.
So it has been one heck of a week! It’s been good though. We still managed to teach a lot of people between all of that so that’s good. I got your package by the way! I loved it! Thanks so much for it!! Sorry this email is short, but we have to get going soon. I’ll be on for about 30 more minutes. Love you all! Thank you for all of the support!
Mom: Ooo. Sounds stressful. Can I do anything to help?
Elder Ballif: Get president to give us more miles to work with haha, or our own car. That would be nice. Nah we’ll be fine, it’s starting to smooth out. (He probably re-thought his request since his mom is the kind of person who just may try to fulfill said request. 😉 )
Mom: It’s good to include the members. I’m glad you have that habit. Do you have anything fun or stressbusterish planned today?
Elder Ballif: Not really just basketball and meeting up with my trainer at the mall. I Gotta go! Love you though! I’ll send a letter today!
Mom: I love you, too!

Elder Ballif: I’ll be home in a year. Just a random thought

Mom: I KNOW!!!!!!!! 🙂

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