Miracles Through Trials

DSC01027August 1, 2016


Life is good out here in the hood! We did a ton of biking and walking this week just getting to appointments and dropping by people. Elder Wright and I are getting to know some more of the members in the ward and are making an impact for good in the area I feel like. People are smiling and happier once we get done talking to them even if its just for a few minutes. There’s a lot of violence and bad stuff that goes on in the inner cities of America, some people think the fix is welfare, which I definitely don’t agree on because you’re not fixing the problem, your just prolonging it. Some think it’s to enforce gun rights, but the thugs that have guns probably stole them anyway so that’s a big load of garbage. Honestly the only true, lasting fix for the people in these cities or anywhere in the country is
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Nothing else can heal as effectively or for as long, nothing gives more hope for the future and nothing else will inspire anyone to get off the street more than it. The problem we are seeing is that many churches are getting caught up in the tiny details about the gospel to where they forget the entire point. We are out here to bring light into the lives of these people, and we’ve been doing it with 19 year old kids for a while now. It’s working, it’s really working and it’s incredible to see. This week we talked to a lot of people and are working with several investigators who are working towards baptism. Our investigator Jerry is going through some struggles and may have gotten caught up in some trouble. Send prayers his way if you can spare a moment. Thank you for the prayers you send our way! Love you guys! Here’s some pictures.
Thanks for letting me know about Xander, hope he’s doing better tell him I said wassup!
Elder Ballif
[Mother’s Note: Xander, Elder Ballif’s cousin suffered what is like a stroke a week ago. He was Life Flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital where he is currently recovering. It will take hard work, but he has progressed miraculously to this point. Your continued prayers are welcome and appreciated.]
Xander July 2016

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