Stress Busted: The Work Moves Along

June 20, 2016
Hey Mom hope you all are doing well!
We had a crazy week this week!
On Monday we had an awesome P day and played a lot of basketball
Tuesday we went out to tract and Personal contact some people but a huge storm hit and lasted all day so our ward mission leader kidnapped us and had us help him with service and we had our correlation meeting, too. Then had dinner with him. (He sent that dentist text and that picture)
Wednesday we and the other elders that are staying in our apartment didn’t have a car so we did a ton of walking and they helped us teach in our area, the only issue is a monster storm it Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. It really just came out of no where. Super cool but kinda scary I guess. Luckily a member picked us up and brought us home. Then we had a lesson with Dustin, one of our investigators. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and how it gives another testament of Christ. He is awesome and has some real potential to be baptized.
Thursday we had President Cleveland’s departing zone conference, he is being replaced by President Carlson on June 28th which is next Tuesday. I’m going to really miss president Cleveland, He loves golf and loves the southern Utah area though, so we may see him around I don’t know. A lot was talked about changing ourselves and our thoughts and desires to that of God’s desires. Really a great conference.
Friday we weekly planned and did some tracting, a pretty normal day I would say, we had dinner with an investigator family we were working with, they both came to church! But they aren’t in our area boundaries anymore because of the split. Still awesome though!
Saturday we did a a ton of service, for the morning time we volunteered at the color run in Indianapolis which is a 5k where people throw colored powder at you and we were the blue station (yes I have pictures). And we were the best naturally haha. It was a blast though!
After that we did service for our bishop helping him build a wall (just like trump LOL) and then we had dinner with him that night.
Sunday we had church and a bunch of meetings then had dinner with the Jamesons and visited a few other members.
Today we are actually in downtown Indianapolis right next to the capitol building at the State Library. President Cleveland set us up with zoo tickets to the Indianapolis Zoo as his going away present to us in the city. So we are going there today. But anyway Hope you are all having a great summer! Keep strong in the Faith and make that change in your life that will bring you closer to Christ! Love you all!
Elder Ballif

A little side banter:

Mom: Dad is turning 50 today.  🙂

Elder Ballif: Yeah… Thats super weird to me for some reason.. I sent him an email and had a member take a picture of me and send it to him yesterday

Mom: I love you! Have an amazing time at the zoo and don’t climb in the gorilla enclosures. Those guys are pretty tough cookies.

Elder Ballif: Will do! Thanks love you too


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