Working Hard, Sleeping Little

Letter written Aug. 8, 2016

Hey mom we had a pretty good week,

We found someone else named Tyisea that we put on a baptismal date for August 20th. Shes super cool and really is eager to learn more and keep meeting with us and make that commitment.
This week we did a ton of finding but it was usually just talking with people on their porch or on the street and us just being friendly and being out there helped us find some great new people.
We are going to probably set up a Jesus stand where we put a table out on the street corner with Book of Mormons, and other materials that people can come up and get and ask us about. Some elders who were here a while ago did it and it looks awesome.
But anyway not much else exciting this week, we are both super exhausted all the time and it seems like we can never catch up on our sleep. Our neighbors are pretty loud, too, so it makes it difficult to be able to get up and go at 6:30 a.m. but we are managing it somehow despite the parties next door and all the craziness in our area.
Thanks for your letter, I really appreciate it.
Love you guys! Hope all is going well. Thanks for the pics of Xander, good to see he’s doing better.
Elder Ballif

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