Let’s Catch Up a Little

August was very busy for everybody. Football and school started in Utah and (Mom couldn’t get to the blog) some pressure and trials happened in Indiana. All in all, it was a highly successful month.

Email and letters from Elder Ballif were mostly short and sweet. There were quite a few letters that will not be included here because of the delicate nature of a difficulty with a friend of Elder Ballif’s who is struggling with his testimony. Please pray for this young man. His struggle is actually real and very serious.

Here is a quick rundown of a few emails:



Aug. 13:

Mom: The teacher is always quiet during the test.

Elder: That is profound, Momma. You just blew my mind. That’s going on my quote wall.

Aug. 15:

Elder: We had a great week by the way. We had four investigators at church so that was awesome.

Aug. 18:

Mom: Did you get the package?

Elder: Yes, I did. Thank you so much!

Mom: Whew! Good.

Aug.  22:

Elder Ballif: Trials build our foundation stronger like mortar on the bricks of a drinking fountain. haha. (His Eagle Scout project, that took a year to complete, was actually a masonry drinking fountain.)
Aug. 24:

Dear Parents, Family, and Priesthood Leaders,

Today we had some extreme weather (including some tornadoes) pass through Indiana.  We have contacted all of our missionaries and can report that they are all well and safe.  There are still some spots of extreme weather in the State of Indiana, but at the moment it looks like it will not be impacting our mission.  We know you may have had some concern for your missionary, so we wanted to assure you that your missionary is safe.  Your continued prayers for our safety are so much appreciated.  The weather patterns change so quickly in Indiana, so we sometimes do not know what lies around the corner.

We love our missionaries so much and appreciate the sacrifices you have made to allow them to be here.


President and Sister Carlson

Indiana Indianapolis Mission

(Elder Ballif is fine.)
Aug. 29 :
Hey mom we had a pretty crazy week, started out good on p day then we had a zone conference on Wednesday after a pretty normal work day on Tuesday. Wednesday was tornado day. There were a total of at least 10 that touched down in the whole state, most of which were in Kokomo. An EF 3 hit a bunch of houses and completely flattened a Starbucks up there. There were four small ones that touched down in Indianapolis as far as I know, but all the missionaries in the Indy area were at a zone conference in Fishers so we stayed there and waited out the storms in the church. So all was well and we were headed back to our area for an appointment and a couple guys rear ended us on our way back. Our back bumper and trunk have to be replaced so now we’re driving the pickup truck that just got fixed, which I am fine with. Haha.
I will send pics here in a sec but we are both totally fine, no injuries. We finished the week strong and baptized Kimmie and her son Bryant. Just goes to show that at the end of any storm there’s glorious sunshine. That’s been our week in a nutshell, hope you had a great week at home!

I got a great deal on a pair of boots at burlington. There was a pair on sale for $20 and they fit great  and are good quality. Just wanted to let you know.
Well, that’s all there is! Short and sweet and a little crazy.
We love all of you and are so grateful for your continued support of Elder Ballif.




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