September 2016

Sept. 5, 2016

Dear Family and Friends of the Indiana Indianapolis Mission:

We have recently worked to get our mission Facebook page up and running!  From time to time we will post pictures and explanations of what is taking place in our mission.  We will do our best to keep it current.

The name of the Facebook page is: “Indiana Indianapolis Mission With Full Purpose of Heart”. There are several Facebook pages with the name of the mission but to see the page we are currently updating make sure you use “With Full Purpose of Heart” along with the mission name.  We love reading your comments and seeing your “likes”.

We also love your missionaries.  They are easy to love.


Sister Carlson

Sept. 5, 2016

Hey mom,

This week was a roller coaster: That’s the best way I can describe it. We had transfer calls last week and found out we are both staying, which makes sense. Hopefully there won’t be many crazy transfers for me from now on haha.
One problem we are faced with this transfer is the fact that we have no car in our area – not even sharing with other missionaries. So, we are on bikes, feet, and riding the bus -which kind of stinks but its do-able. There are a lot of changes that are being made with President Carlson getting settled in and making decisions. It’s all good and is meant to help us be more effective as we go out and work. Another thing we dealt with this week is a couple mouses (sic) that decided to make our kitchen their home. Yes, we keep it clean. So, we got some traps and set ’em up where they were coming from. I killed one of ’em with a broom a few days ago, but broke the broom in the process. I should be like Nephi and make a new one, then pray to be guided to where I may find my quarry.
This week we biked to a member’s house who lives like a 40-minute bike ride away, to mow her lawn. She’s been struggling lately, so we decided to make the sacrifice. We also went to go volunteer at the Fishburne sports complex to help with a scavenger hunt. It was pretty fun, I went to go help with the putting challenge at the golf course on the complex with Elder Walton.
We had a good week as far as missionary work goes. We put two new investigators on a baptismal date and had four people at church. There were a lot of stop bys we did and very few people answered the door. That’s just sometimes the way it goes, I guess.
We had our first lesson on the temple with Kimmie, the investigator who got baptized last Saturday. Her kids are crazy, but she is doing well.
We are doing great out here! Hope all is well at home, love you all.
Sept. 12, 2016
Dear Mom,
Glad you got the letter! We are doing well! We had three people at church this week and since we don’t have a car for our area, we did a ton of biking, walking and getting rides from members. Good week though. We have some awesome people heading towards baptism. Teresa and Willie, who live down the street from us, are hopefully getting baptized October 8th. We have to babysit them spiritually sometimes and help them realize what they need to do to help with struggles they have. They’re great though, Teresa is a super spunky black lady and Willie used to be a pro boxer and served in the navy. He can’t read, which makes it tough when we want them to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but Teresa helps him and reads to him so that’s good.
We’re working with another couple named Rick and Melissa. They are awesome, both really smart and eager to become closer with Christ. They will hopefully be baptized on the 8th as well. Other than that just working hard and movin’ on with the work.
Thanks for the pictures! Good memories of that place even though school sucked for the most part haha. I’m trying to stay healthy, but healthy food costs money and we have very little of that hahah. But all is well and we are pushing forward.
One other thing I wanted to ask you about… So not sure if you’ve noticed in my pictures but I haven’t been wearing my glasses. Why you may ask? Because they disappeared several months ago (turns out it was six months hence) and I didn’t want to tell you because… actually I can’t remember why (Mom thinks it is because he would get a wooping when he gets home. 😉 ). Anyways, I was just wondering if you still had my prescription and if I could somehow manage to get a new pair out here. There is a Costco in Carmel so if I need to I can make my way there to get a new pair. Or I can wait till I get home. I can see fine without them and I passed my drivers test without them but I do miss being able to see a few things I can’t anymore haha. Wuv You mommy!
Note from Mom: Turns out his new prescription and two pairs of glasses (in case he loses one 😉 ) cost $600. Outrageous!
Sept. 19, 2016
We had a topsy-turvey week.
We lost two investigators, Willie and Teresa. So, that’s pretty sad. We think they fell victim to some anti-church message from friends or something like that because it happened so suddenly. We’ve been working with them for a while now and we’ve had some very spiritual moments. I can honestly say that we taught them as well and as much as we could in the best way we know how. They used their agency and in their own words “Don’t want to become Mormon anymore.”
Other than that we had two people at church – Bonita and Gill Rudolph. Gill and his family were a referral from Bishop Sorenson from a month ago and Gill will be baptized on Saturday at 10:30 am. We are super excited for him and for Bonita, who will be baptized on October 8th.
Loving life despite the opposition! Hope you all had a great week too. Love you all.
Sept. 28, 2016
I can now email finally!! So last week was pretty awesome. We taught Gil Rudolph the commandments lessons and had an awesome time with him preparing for his baptism, which happened on Saturday of last week.

We had some great lessons with people this week unfortunately we have had some people flake out on us lately but we are still working hard and doing our best to push forward. Melissa and Rick got baptized into another church. That was an interesting text when they told us about that, but we shall not give up on them!! We had Melissa listen to “Safety for the Soul,” by Jeffrey R. Holland, last week and the spirit was definitely present but Melissa was a bit too stubborn to admit it. She struggles understanding the importance of the Book of Mormon in conversion, but hopefully if we are patient she will come to understand it.
Other than that, we had some awesome events occur that gave us some good motivation. We had an awesome zone meeting last Friday, which motivated us and gave us strength to go out and pound it. That same night, we also had a fall festival at a ward member’s house and it was a blast! Some great country music playing, which was out of our control so it was in the words of President Cleveland “a tender mercy” at least for me haha.
Then on Saturday we had Gil’s Baptism!!!! It was seriously awesome, I was asked to give a talk on baptism, and was scared to death as usual (I hate talks). Brother Scott, the elder’s quorum president baptized Gil and Brother Mckinlay confirmed him the next day. (Yes I have pictures) We were super happy for Gil and all the changes he has made lately. He is an amazing addition to the church.
After the Baptism we went to the Special Olympics and volunteered with the events there. Me and many of my past companions were able to reunite and remember some great times we had, so that was really cool. Its crazy I’ve been a missionary now for just under 16 months. I love the work and the fact that it is work. I’ve felt the promptings of the spirit in many cases and have loved receiving revelation in study for investigators and what we can help them with. Livin’ the Dream out here!! Hope all is well at home, Love ya!!

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