Thanksgiving and Light The World

November 7, 2016

Thanks for the note, Mama. I appreciate it. Hope the Laddie (Alex) gets feeling better.

You all sound like life is going on normal, that’s good to hear. Life here has gone pretty good for the most part. Our investigator Taylor will be getting baptized this Saturday and we are super pumped for her. When we showed up at the member’s house that she knows really well, she said she had all of her cigarettes, lighters, and everything like it in a grocery bag and we watched her throw it away. It was awesome and she has had no desire to pick them up since then. Miracles wrought in this the land of Indianapolis!
All things considered, we are being blessed and hopefully we will have a car for another week, but after that we will be walking all winter. It’s okay and good for the soul. Puts hair on yer chest.
Hope you all have a great week!!
November 14, 2016
Thanks, mom.

We had a great week, a busy week, but it was really good.
We did a lot of service this week helping different members and non members get their homes in working order for the winter. I guess people think it’ll be a cold one here, but we will see.
We also spent a lot of time preparing Taylor Combs for her baptism, which happened on Saturday. I was feeling sick this week for a couple days pretty bad, so I wasn’t theer for one of the lessons we had with her but she passed her baptismal interview and was super ready for her baptism. She and the Lucas family, who she is close friends with, are examples of strength and perseverance through trials, to me. Seeing the change that has come in their family since I’ve met them has really impacted me and has given me great reason to rejoice. I feel like Ammon did in Alma Chapter 26, absolutely overjoyed at the change that has occurred in the lives of these people.
Taylor is the 12th person on my mission that has been baptized that I’ve had the opportunity to teach, and I feel humbled by that because of mistakes I’ve made and my weakness as a servant. Yet, the Lord still sees fit to use me to help His children. I confirmed Taylor a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints yesterday and it was a special experience. Later that evening Elder Brown and I, along with Taylor and Ashton and Ava Lucas had the opportunity to tell others about how we’ve gotten to this point and how the Lord has shaped our lives. We were in a meeting called “Why I Believe,” which is centered around recent converts and their conversion stories and testimonies of the gospel. It was an awesome meeting and I was not nearly as nervous when I got up and spoke like I normally am. I felt the fear taken from me and I didn’t stink too bad, according to the Doans, who were also there at the meeting. haha. It capped off the week really well to see a bunch of familiar faces in a great meeting and environment at the stake center across from the temple.
Hope all of you guys had a great week as well!

Thank you, son. We are fine. Keep on keepin on!

Elder (an hour later):Β Just remember when you say fine, I know what you mean. I do worry about you guys, it’s natural when I’m far away. So if there’s something that I need to know about or something major that’s going on, it would be a bigger help to me and my emotional state if you just told me. Not telling you what to do, just saying what would help me. Love you guys!

November 21, 2016

(Mom Note: I send an extensive letter with points I asterisked so the young missionary would be sure to address them. This is why moms get a special place at the table, just sayin’.)

Elder: I’m gonna address the things you didn’t put an * next to just to be a punk πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. I am feeling better, I’m basically over being sick. I usually get over it pretty fast but this time it felt longer than normal. In any case we are all good now… Only problem is now Elder Brown is sick. haha He woke up and couldn’t talk. Trials do make us stronger, but we have to break through the stupid wall to get to that point sometimes. πŸ˜›

Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys too! πŸ™‚

I am thankful for:

#1. A loving Father in Heaven.

#2. Loving parents on earth.

#3. All the other goobers, laddies and weirdies in our family.

#4. The opportunity to serve out here.

#5. And of course last but not least, Indoor Plumbing. A gift from God to mankind in the travail of the last days.Β πŸ˜‡πŸšΎ

In other news there is a Christmas initiative that we as missionaries are a big part of. We are handing out cards for #LightTheWorld. That starts the 25th of November and we are going to be handing out the cards in the downtown Indy area when they light the Christmas lights downtown. Its gonna be freaking awesome!!!!
(Photo caption: Elder Ballif and Brown lit up their own little backyard world.)
We have a couple people that are feeding us on Thanksgiving and we are excited for it and for the turkey bowl downtown. πŸ™‚
November 28, 2016
Hey Mom! I just got your package today right before we left for the day. Thank you so much for the shirts and I can proudly say I didn’t rip into the birthday packages when I got them haha. I hope that job works out. You two can work it out and things will get better, it’s worked out for over 21 years (28 actually, but who’s counting? Haha) So that’s kind of where my line of thinking is. One thing I am grateful about in the mission is that we have so many different people that are our companions. And every single one of them is bound to piss me off at at least one point, no matter how good of friends you are. The more you are around someone the more their flaws show. But, what I have worked on is looking at myself and what I need to do better in those situations and that’s helped a lot. πŸ™‚
We went downtown to see the Circle of Lights lit up for Christmas. Ton’s of people there, it was pretty fun.


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