“Probably pulled a muscle from lifting the car.” :-)

April 3, 2017

Thanks mom. I appreciate your wisdom. I have been thinking about college and all that a lot and in conference I had a feeling of reassurance that came as to what lies ahead. I know that as I work towards serving the Lord and doing my best to be where he wants me to be and following promptings it will all work out. I am confident in that. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s Kendal and us. He was the one baptized Saturday two weeks ago.

April 10, 2017
Hey Mom,
That is really sad to hear about President Ivie (Darrin Ivie, former stake presidency counsellor was killed in a tragic crash on Highway 18). The world is losing an amazing servant of the Lord. I hope his family can find comfort during this time. My faith is unshaken in the fact of the resurrection. He is in peace and is working just as hard as he was here and teaching the gospel just the same. I would say more, but that’s what I feel like is happening. Death is just a catalyst to the eternities.

Katie Christine Boren sent these to this missionary momma. ๐Ÿ™‚

April 19, 2017

Note from Mom: I just got the travel itinerary for his flight home. Why am I crying? Tears of joy, no less. So happy he’s coming home…so knowing it will be his toughest day yet.

June 21, 2017 at 5:56 p.m. at the St. George Regional Airport – Skywest from Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Indianapolis…He’ll be home!


Haha! The boy likes funnys like this. Bless his heart.

The rest of these pictures came on April 24, 2017




Missionary Boy sent this on May 1, 2017…but it happened on April 29, 2017

Hey Mom,

I love that chapter in the Doctrine and Covenants (84), lots of powerful blessings. Another baby huh (his cousin Megan had a baby named Branden)? That’s awesome, happy for them. Time is flying by for sure. I’m fine with getting a security job. I’m kind of leaning towards working for a bit then applying to DSU again and getting my communications degree with a minor in criminology then going through the police academy or whatever path I decide to take. Kind of the simple old fashioned way but it works so why complicate things? (Note from Mom: This IS Nick who’s talking, right?)
Oh the grand old DVLA, what happened to government staying out of people’s personal lives?
Anyways, in other news we have had quite the adventurous week (Note from Mom: This is code for “we nearly died”).
It started out pretty normal, we had our P-day and went to the park and played on the thing with the things that slide. Haha.
The next day we had our zone conference and I learned a lot from that, so it was good. The next few days we did a lot of service and stopping by people. Pretty normal days up until Saturday. Saturday we were helping a couple move and it was raining, so that was a muddy mess, but after that we went to pick up the other elders, got lunch then headed off to a small town called Linton. There were a few people we wanted to stop by down there, but that didn’t work out. We went to the music store and talked to the store owner and strummed the guitars and banjos (Note from Mom: I wonder what happened to the banjo we sent him money for last year?) and stuff then headed home. One of the elders wanted to take the “fun” way home (Mom note: Code ย for “naughty” way home) so that was our first mistake, we drive a ’17 Subaru Legacy and so we were driving on the old county dirt roads and it was fine and then we came up over a bridge and the road had a lot of water on it but it didn’t look too bad, so we kept going. We didn’t really have much time to stop anyway so yeah.. So, we went into the water and the car sprayed it up over our heads and we couldn’t see anything. We hydroplaned and went off to the right side into the deeper water. It popped part of our bumper out and on the passenger side (my side) (Mom note: Oh, good. He wasn’t driving) after a minute the car started filling with water. It wasn’t up over the window on the outside, so I rolled the window down and got out and so did all the other guys. We said a prayer, then assessed the situation. After a minute, someone came by and said she’d get her husband and his truck to help us. While we were waiting we decided that instead of freaking out, we would do what we could to get it out of the water and make the situation better.ย  So, two of the elders got on the left side of the car and I got on the back and did my best to lift it out of the water while they pushed it towards the center of the road. We managed to clear the tailpipe of the water, so that was good. Eventually the lady’s husband came with his big ol’ Duramax and we got the car pulled out and we started bailing it out while some of us were checking the engine and trying to get it operable again. Eventually, after we did all we could, I felt prompted a few times to turn the key after others had already tried. I didn’t get anything those times. Then we grabbed a Book of Mormon that had been soaked and it was opened to one of the only unsoaked spots in the whole book and the word “three” stuck out to me, and so I told Elder Thompson to turn the key three times. He turned it once, nothing, and the second time it sputtered into life. So we kept getting all the water out and did all we could, and then we drove home and will be getting the car fixed today if all goes well. So, that was our fun filled adventure: No casualties. My shoulder hurt pretty bad yesterday, but feels better now.
Probably pulled a muscle from lifting the car.
All’s good though love you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

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